Restaurant Kumharas

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Fusion of flavors of the world with the magic touch of signature cuisine

Our kitchen

The Kumharas Restaurant was born with the perfect blend of flavors and international cuisines result the harmonious combination of the best products, the professionalism of its creators, good service from our waiters and how no, Kumharas magic.

Our environments

Three different environments, the chillout area restaurant, where you can enjoy a horizontally and relaxed dinner thanks to its enveloping and created in part thanks to its bold architectural features dome atmosphere. The lounge area is complete with the possibility of an intimate dinner in one of our haimas, traits Arab air mixture rustic woods let the perfect finish to enjoy the best of each kitchen with the special touch of the signature kitchen. We also have areas with tables for the more traditional.

Our dishes

But without a doubt, the best of Kumharas Restaurant are its dishes. A rich and varied in imagination menu, unique dishes, renewed each year, created especially for our clients. An explosion of flavor that invites you to explore other cultures without leaving a unique and special location in Ibiza, with the possibility to accompany them with a good selection of Spanish wines.

Our philosophy

The renewal and constant improvement to offer our customers the best quality at the best price.

In Kumharas we also do all kinds of events, Companie's dinners, parties, weddings. Give your night a special and distinct touch to your event celebrating it in Kumharas.