Kumharas Ibiza, Beach Sunset bar & Restaurant

“Kumharas, one of the best sunset bar in Ibiza”


Situated in Cala de Bou just a few meters from the San Antonio Bay has one of the best views for the sunset in Ibiza, is born, grows and evolves into a magical place of multicultural encounter. Open from 11h, Kumharas also offers a space for the day. A Chill Zone to renew your energy.

Kumharas, thanks to its chillout area and its restaurant and bar lounge, becomes a magic place, mix of cultures, tastes and smells which transports the restless minds to distant places in India. A space created by to the detail by Miguel, owner and promoter of the idea, with a rich, exotic and varied decoration, the result of a lot of trips around the world.

Created in collaboration with the hippy group having its beginnings in a community project, Kumharas was born with the aim of becoming a meeting point for alternative cultures and to be the springboard for young artists. Percussion workshops, capoeira, African dance, activities aimed at children with the most amazing live performances daily, alternative music and the best DJs sessions live, all of it in the magic hour of sunset.

Kumharas Ibiza, evokes in its facilities the hippy spirit of India in the 80's. A bar lounge on the beach where you can enjoy the best sunsets accompanied by a unique, different and personal musical style. With the Shiva deity as hostess and a defense tower as the hub, Kumharas gathers each evening tourists and residents who come in search of an authentic space where feel the force of the sunset.

Among its facilities, has several different environments. Chaired by the defense tower, legendary Ibiza and Kumharas representative symbol, is the chillout terrace, on the beach and with the best views of the Conejera's Island. Surrounding the terrace, a lounge area with comfortable armchairs and haimas, where relax and be able to lie down while enjoying a wide selection of cocktails, shishas or natural juices. The restaurant located in a unique and singular vaulted space, specially built for Kumharas, where to taste a mixture of world cuisines. All this mixed with a hippy market where to buy the latest Ibiza fashion and the most original accessories. In short, a rich multi-space environment on offer for everyone.

The philosophy and values of Kumharas, breathe and feel in its environment. Led by a great team of waiters, cooks and keepers infected with spirit of the place make the delights of our guests with its great service, professionalism and friendliness, making this enclave actually a dream.

In his nearly 15 years of life, has become a landmark, rich for its location and its people, changing each year with new purchases of furniture and facilities, while preserving the spirit and philosophy of Kumharas to grow and play a small corner of India in Ibiza.